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Our Research

By developing new synthetic methods and strategies we can exploit previously inaccessible tools for light-regulated technologies.

Tetra-ortho-methoxylated azobenzenes have been a coveted goal with many previous syntheses reported. However, their limited scope and generally low yields have hampered a more widespread use.

Our new synthetic approach is compatible with a wide variety of functionalities and furnishes the desired tetra-ortho-methoxylated azobenzenes in synthetically useful yields (up to 99%!).

A robustness test demonstrate their superior compatibility with Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis (SPPS) methods that will enable the preparation of visible light operated peptides by SPPS.

linear PS TA.png

We are using visible light active motifs to control the activity of antimicrobials and fight the spread of antibiotic resistances.

We are focused on the design and synthesis of novel photoswitches to meet the demands needed for real life applications.

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