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Students at different stages of their training can join the group in different ways to carry out their Research:

PhD Studies: Students with excellent grades are encouraged to get in touch for joint applications to competitive grants to fund their research with us. Get in touch with us to get information about open grant calls and prepare your application.

PhD Stays: PhD students carrying out their research anywhere else that are interested in joining us for a short period of time can contact us via their supervisor.

TFM: Students of the Master in Organic Chemistry can apply to join us to carry out their experimental work.

TFG: Highly motivated 5th year students of the Pharmacy Degree can join the group for their Final Year Project.

Treball Dirigit: Highly motivated 4th year students of the Pharmacy Degree can join the group to develop an experimental research project.

Erasmus: International students applying to the Erasmus Programme are encouraged to get in touch to join our lab during their stay at the University of Barcelona.

Other Undergraduate Students: Undergraduate students can join us in alternative ways when applying for Grants to Collaborate with University Departments or Supervised Work (Treball Dirigit, Pharmacy Degree).

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